Due to preparations for the Inovujeme Plzeň race, it will be possible to pick up personal collections only until 1 pm on Friday 2 June 2023. Shipments will be sent in the standard way. 

FPV Goggles

FPV goggles together with a quality camera are key for a good FPV flying experience. Important factors are the image size, the type of receiver, the possibility of recording and, last but not least, the comfort.

DJI Goggles 2

€ 929,00
Out of Stock

DJI Goggles Integra

€ 715,99
In Stock

Walksnail Avatar HD Goggles

€ 654,29
On the way - Jun 16, 2023

Skyzone SKY04L

€ 470,00
Out of Stock

Skyzone SKY02O

€ 349,90
Out of Stock

Skyzone Cobra X V2

€ 299,00
In Stock

Skyzone Cobra Lite

€ 110,90
In Stock

Rotorama 800D

€ 128,00
In Stock

Rotorama 008D Pro

€ 99,99
In Stock

Rotorama VR009

€ 62,89
In Stock

FPV Monitor 4,3"

€ 48,49
In Stock

Walksnail Avatar VRX

€ 254,19
In Stock

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