FC and ESC

Stacks with a hole spacing of 30x30mm are the most used. They are most often used in 5" freestyle drones or larger Long-range machines. Due to the larger size, the soldering pads on the flight controller are larger and the drone is easier to build. A larger ESCs can dissipate heat better.

Diatone Mamba MK4 H743 V2 + 55A 128K BL32

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Skystars F7 Pro3 + KO60A BL32

€ 117,39
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Skystars F7 Pro3+KO45A BLS

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Skystars F4 V2 + KO45A BLS

€ 96,49
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Emax F4 Magnum BLS (MPU6000)

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Foxeer F722 V4 X8

€ 53,49
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Foxeer Reaper 3-8S 65A

€ 97,79
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