Racing Team

Jan Mittner

/ *1986

Flying is the passion of my life. For many years, I have been flying full sized motor airplanes, but also gliders and paragliders. I enjoy the special kind of adrenalin rush, whenever I race FPV copters against the world top pilots.


  • 1st at Drone Race Germany Frankfurt/Zellhausen
  • 2nd at Drone Champions League Reutte/Austria
  • 2nd at Drone Champions League Salina Turda
  • 1st at Drone Masters Cebit FPV Cup

Jakub Toman

/ *1996

From very early age I felt that flying was in my blood. I fell in love with FPV for of the unique feeling one has while flying or competing. Nobody can understand that unless she tries it for herself. And it is all so much better with a group of friends who share the same passion.


  • 1st at Czech Drone Nationals
  • 3rd at Drone Champions League Paris
  • 2nd at Bexbach III German Drone Nationals

David Strnad

/ *1985

I have always been attracted to flying and technology, recently FPV copters in particular. I love extreme competing, freestyle flying and the testing of new components. I am a bit of perfectionist, even when it comes to copter building. I strive for constant improvement. Drone racing seems to be the ticket to some crazy fun.


  • 1st at FPV Race VrTULe Liberec 2017
  • 3rd at Czech Drone Nationals
  • 4th at Drone Masters Cebit FPV Cup

Jakub Steiner

/ *1975

I got to the drones three years ago over my love for photography and video editing. From seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view, I have gradually been getting back to the ground level, but at an incredible speed that time. Right after my first quad race in Modřany, it was clear that drone racing would become a part of my life.


  • 3rd at Drone Champions League Paris
  • 1st at Drone Race VrTULe Liberec
  • 2nd at Indoor Drone Race Ruzyne

Lubo Sládek

/ *1985


  • 2nd at FAI F3U Int. Drone Race Slovakia
  • 3rd at Drone Champions League Paris
  • 2nd at Drone Race Hungary - Hungaroring 2016
  • 1st at Drone Racing Hungary - Budapest 2016

Karel Rod

/ *1977

I started with 3D aerobatic helicopters, but after seeing FPV copters for the first time, I have changed my direction. FPV racing has grown to be my No. 1 priority and some incredible, adrenaline packed fun.


  • 2nd at Czech Drone Nationals
  • 8th at Drone Masters Cebit FPV Cup

David Svoboda

/ *2001

Flying and aerobatics with racing drones thanks to FPV goggles became my passion. I love everything related to quadcopters and their building. Thanks to the drone races I met a lot of great people and now I am really looking forward to every new race.


  • 1st at FAI World Cup Trenčín Slovakia
  • 1st at Rotorama Dronfest Pilsen
  • 1st at Klatovy Race

Patrik Steiner

/ *2009

An early start gives me an edge over the competitors. While I only have a few races behind me, I'm slowly catching up to the fastest guys in the country. I enjoy freestyling on the weekend as much as the adrenalin on the race track.


  • 9th at Indoor Drone Race Ruzyne
  • 4th at Podolanka FPV Race Freestyle Competition
  • 10th at Drone Race Podolanka

Sven Keim

/ *1994

Hello, my name is Sven Keim (zooz.FPV) and I am 24 years old - living and training around Stuttgart (Germany) - and FPV Racing addicted for almost a year now. As I prefer ultralight quad setups, I exclusively fly Katana 2204/2700 motors due to their performance and being one of the lightest motors available on the market. My setups let me easily compete with so called "standard" builds.


  • 2nd at FAI regional Championship Neckartenzlingen 2018
  • 3rd at Drone Championship Friedrichshafen 2018
  • 3rd at Drone Championship overall (end result) 2018
  • 4th at Drone Championship Oberheid 2018
  • 8th at FAI World Cup Bitterfeld 2018
  • 3rd at DAeC Deutsche Meisterschaft Stettfeld 2018