Racing Team

Jakub Toman

/ *1996

Drone racing experience over 5 years. Drone racing took me over the whole world. Huge dedication to this sport to keep pushing for the best pilot in the world. But the best thing for me in drone racing is the fun you have with your friends on race day.


  • DCL Pilot 2016
  • DCL Pilot 2017
  • DCL Pilot 2018
  • 1st at FAI World Cup Prilep
  • 1st at FAI World Cup Skopje
  • 6th at FAI World Cup Lausanne
  • 3rd at MoscowSky
  • 5th at World Iot 2019 Wuxi
  • 2nd at Bexbach III German Drone Nationals

Jakub Steiner

/ *1975

I got to the drones through my love for video and photography. I found out that the drones can even be raced about five years ago and since then I have been doing it because of the unrivaled sense of speed and grace of movement in space.


  • DCL Pilot 2018
  • DCL Pilot 2017
  • 2nd at Opatovice 2017
  • 3rd at Mělník 2019

David Svoboda

/ *2001

I fell into FPV racing and freestyle. I enjoy everything about drones technology. Thanks to the races I have met a lot of great people and I look forward to every next race.


  • DCL Pilot 2018
  • 1st at FAI World Cup Trenčín 2017 a 2018
  • 1st at Rotorama Opatovice race 2018 a 2019

Patrik Steiner

/ *2009

I have been flying FPV since I was six. I like weekend freestyle as well as adrenaline races. I'm slowly catching up on adults, and soon my dad will just be replacing propellers.


  • Již brzy :)

Lukáš Košata

/ *2004


  • 4th at Rotorama Liga 2019
  • 1st at Klatovy Race 2020
  • 1st at Plzeň 2019
  • 1st at FK Řeporyje
  • 2nd at Rotorama Dron Fest 2019
  • 2nd at Velox Dron race Opatovice

Petr Horák

/ *1972

All my life I have been interested in the latest technologies in aviation, filming, electronics and many other fields. Fpv flying allowed me not only to connect everything together but it also becomes my passion. Immediately after the first races, I knew that drone racing should get on the list of addictive substances :)


  • 1st at Brno Exhibition race 2018
  • 5th at Rotorama Dronfest 2018
  • 12 at FAI Swizerland Lousanne 2018
  • 3rd at Future port 2018
  • 3rd at Mělník 2018 race
  • 3rd at Havířov 2019
  • 6th at Rotorama Open 2018 – kategorie Master

Lukáš Lendvorský

/ *1991

I got to the drones through acrobatic RC helicopters, but gradually I failed exclusively racing drones. I enjoy racing, a bunch of friends and technology.


  • 1st at Rotorama Liga 2018 – kategorie Master
  • DCL Pilot 2018
  • 1st at Rotorama Liga 2019

Jan Votava

/ *1997

I enjoyed flying since I was little. As soon as I finished my first race, I knew what I enjoy – racing. Meeting new pilots and the racing tension is what makes every race unique. Victory is just the icing on the cake.


  • DCL Pilot 2018
  • 1st at Mistrovství ČR 2018
  • 1st at Dronfest 2019