Due to preparations for the Inovujeme Plzeň race, it will be possible to pick up personal collections only until 1 pm on Friday 2 June 2023. Shipments will be sent in the standard way. 


The accessories enhance the flying experience and extend the functionality of your multicopter. They will also help with preparations for flying or building a new multicopter.

BEC 6-12S 5V 15A

€ 16,30
In Stock

BEC 2-13S 5V 5A

€ 8,19
On the way

Matek Servo PDB BEC 2-8S 5-8V 4A

€ 9,59
On the way - Jun 5, 2023

Matek BEC 6-60V 5/9/12V

€ 9,59
In Stock

BEC 3A adjustable

€ 2,30
In Stock


€ 1,88
In Stock

BEC 12V 3A Turnable

€ 3,29
In Stock

Matek Voltage booster 1S - 5V

€ 5,86
In Stock

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