EWRF OTG receiver for Android / Windows

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The EWRF OTG receiver is a small device for receiving analog video. The receiver has a micro USB connector and can be connected to a PC or a phone/tablet that supports the OTG function. The receiver is especially useful if you want to show your flying to friends or other spectators. We recommend using classic FPV goggles to control the drone. The package includes a cable for connecting the phone with a micro-USB and USB-C connector.

The right button sets the channel, the left button sets the band. When you hold down the left button, the receiver scans the frequencies and selects the one with the strongest signal.

The recommended app for Android is Easycap.

Key Features

  • Frequency: 5.8G
  • Number of channels: 48CH
  • Size: 56x36x10mm
  • Supported devices: Windows, Android with OTG

Package Includes

  • 1x Receiver
  • 1x Micro USB - Micro USB cable
  • 1x Micro USB - USB-C cable
  • 1x Linear antenna