The video transmitter takes care of sending the image from the camera to the world. Most video transmitters can be set via the control unit. Select the video transmitter according to size, maximum power and connector.

VivaFPV VTX 25-600mW

€ 24,39
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Cyclone XF5804 Pro 25-600mW

€ 18,28
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HGLRC Zeus VTX 25-800mW

€ 37,65
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iFlight Blitz 25-1600mW

€ 48,99
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HGLRC Zeus VTX Pro 25-1600mW

€ 54,17
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TBS Unify Pro32 HV 25-1000mW

€ 59,49
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GEPRC RAD Mini 25-1000mW

€ 47,69
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Jhemcu VTX20 25-600mW

€ 24,29
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TBS Crossfire Sixty9

€ 62,90
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