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Charging LiPo batteries requires a charger designed for them, which controls and monitors the correct charging process. The charger must be selected according to the number of cells of the battery being charged. Some chargers have an integrated power supply and can be connected directly to the mains, others only support the DC voltage input. However, they have higher performance and smaller dimensions.

SkyRC e3 15W 2-3S

€ 23,47
In Stock

HotRC A400 40W

€ 17,65
In Stock

B6AC battery charger AC/DC 6A 80W

€ 32,35
On the way

Gens Ace Imars III 100W

€ 65,90
In Stock

SkyRC e680 80W

€ 60,70
In Stock

ToolkitRC M7AC 100/300W

€ 106,39
In Stock

SkyRC T100 2x50W

€ 70,89
In Stock

SkyRC D100 V2 2x100W

€ 133,90
In Stock

iSDT K1 2x250W

€ 119,90
In Stock

ToolkitRC M6DAC

€ 156,90
In Stock

Gens Ace Imars Dual AC200/DC300W

€ 154,00
In Stock

Kavan C100 Duo 500W

€ 167,00
In Stock

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