Due to preparations for the Inovujeme Plzeň race, it will be possible to pick up personal collections only until 1 pm on Friday 2 June 2023. Shipments will be sent in the standard way. 


Without power, there is no light or flight. We therefore offer a complete range of powerful batteries for larger or smaller race multipopters, lightweight batteries for microcopters, chargers and other useful products.

Tattu R-Line 4500mAh 6S 95C

€ 121,65
In Stock

Tattu Funfly 1550mAh 6S 100C

€ 44,29
In Stock

Tattu Funfly 1300mAh 6S 100C

€ 33,49
Out of Stock

GNB 2000mAh 6S 120C

€ 59,59
In Stock

GNB 1550mAh 6S 120C

€ 48,99
In Stock

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