Rotorama Champion set PNF with HD FPV

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Rotorama Champion is a new unique set designed with the vision of a durable racing copter in mind. It is suitable for Connex Prosight (included in the set) and Gopro Session (not included). The frame is made of 4-mm carbon-fibre parts combined with flexible plastic protectors of the FPV and HD cameras and the Connex Prosight transmitter. The sensitive parts are soft-mounted, which minimizes problems with vibrations and increases crash resistance.

The shape of the frame is "long X", i.e. the length is greater than the width. The benefit is, the rear motors are not subject to turbulences from the front ones, which in turn increases the stability and efficiency of the copter. The arms are detachable and easily replaceable; if an arm is broken after a hard crash, it can detached just by loosening three bolts and pulling it out. You can be back in the air within minutes!

The copter is equipped with appropriate parts that offer a balance between the top performance and reliability during races. It is accompanied by 48 RGB LEDs.

Rám dodáváme osazený odpovídajícími součástkami, které poskytují kombinaci maximálního výkonu a spolehlivosti i při ostrém závodním nasazení, a také celkem 48 vícebarevnými LEDkami.

The copter design is well thought-out and subsequently very durable. All components are well protected and easily accessible.

The set is always tailor made according to your wishes. Delivered within 10 days if all components are available.

Key Features

  • Optimized foroptimalizováno pro Connex Prosight HD FPV (included)
  • Optimized for Gopro Session 4/5 HD cameras (not included)
  • Durable construction from 4-mm carbon fibre and flexible plastic protectors
  • Detachable and easily replaceable arms
  • Suitable for 22XX motors
  • Maximal prop diameter: 5" (6" arms are planned but not yet available)
  • FPV-camera angle: 10°-60°

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