Readytosky Alien 5" RTF

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Readytosky Alien RTF (ready to fly) set is a complete set of built drone, radio, FPV goggles, charger, batteries, propellers and small accessories (complete set of the set in the description below). The set contains all the equipment you will need during the flight and is therefore suitable for new pilots who want to start flying FPV. The Readytosky Alien RTF set aims to get pilots into the air at an affordable price. The set includes basic equipment that is suitable for the first acquaintance with FPV flying.

The drone is completely assembled, set up, paired with the radio and tested. The parts from which it is built are selected in order to provide the best possible price/performance ratio. This is a solid middle-class freestyle drone that will not need to be improved any time soon. The 2207 motors give the drone enough power for all acrobatic elements and can easily carry another HD recording camera. A good video transmitter with a quality antenna is the basis for reliable video transmission. Spare arms are available for the frame, which can be replaced in the event of a hard fall.

The basic RC GEPRC TinyRadio is a convenient solution for beginners who are satisfied with limited options of settings and the absence of a display. Despite its low price, the radio contains an integrated ELRS module, which surpasses other classic RC links in terms of latency and range. The transmitter is powered by a pair of Liion 18650 cells, which are charged using a USB connector. Beginner pilots will be pleased with the possibility of connecting to the simulator via Bluetooth.

FPV Goggles 008D are solid goggles with a good price/performance ratio. The image is displayed on a 4.3" display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 800x480px, which is sufficient for an analog video. The goggles have an integrated battery that is charged via a USB connector. They also support the DVR function, when the received image can be recorded to the SD card.

The A400 is a very simple charger. It is powered from an outlet, so no external power supply is needed. It can charge 3-4S batteries using a balance connector. A simple display shows the battery voltage and charging status. You connect the charger to the mains, connect the battery balance connector and the charger will take care of the rest.

Key Features

  • A complete set of everything needed for FPV flying
  • Built drone ready to fly
  • Basic components at an affordable price
  • Suitable for beginner pilots
  • Possibility of mounting an HD camera of the GoPro type

Set composition

Readytosky Alien 5"

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