AlfaRC Mikro 3" ARF

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AlfaRC Mikro 3" ARF is an unassembled set of a small 3" freestyle copter. The main advantages of the frame are durable 4 mm arms, an integrated HD camera holder, enough space for simple construction and a low price. The 3" freestyle copter is especially suitable for flying in smaller spaces such as a garden, hall, forest or park. The weight of the reference copter is 133 grams without battery. The flying weight is 190-230 grams, depending on the used battery. The copter therefore fits within the limit of 250 grams and that includes some HD cameras. The parts are selected with a good price-performance ratio in mind. This is a solid mid-range copter with good flight characteristics that both beginners and experienced pilots will appreciate.

The set is designed for use with a 3-4S battery with a capacity of 450-650mAh.

The set does not include an RC receiver, choose it according to your radio.

If you don't dare to assemble it yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few working days. All you have to do is add the offered assembly set to the order.

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AlfaRC Mikro 3"

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