Rotorama Dito Pro 5"

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Great just got better. After more than a year of tuning, adjusting even the smallest details and hundreds of testing batteries, the successor to the Samurai V3 was created. This time called Rotorama Dito. However, Dito is not just a frame, but a set of mutually compatible parts. It carries the idea of simplicity and modularity. In the Dito set, there are many arms and top and bottom plates that can be combined with each other. Everyone can thus assemble a frame according to their own needs. Dito can be changed from a high-end 5" copter to a small 3" suitable for the garden or park.

Configuration The Dito Pro 5" is a direct successor to the Samurai V3 Pro frame, with which the Dito is compatible to some extent. The Dito is a frame designed primarily for the race track. It is durable, has great flight characteristics, is easy to build and service, and weighs only 66 grams. Dito Pro has a 50mm space between the arms, so it can easily accommodate larger ESCs such as Foxeer Reaper 60A, Diatone Mamba Race 75A, HGLRC Zeus 45A and all-in-one boards. Compared to the Samurai, we slightly increased the rear part of the sides. 3 larger plates fit comfortably and the frame can be used with the HD Zero.

Dito in the Pro version has so-called "side force generators" (SFG) on the arms. These work similarly to an airplane and help to stabilize the copter in fast forward flight. Thanks to the unique fixed attachment to the arms, they also noticeably increase the stiffness and overall durability of the frame. Compared to the Samurai, we have redesigned the SFG mounts, making them even more durable.

The front arms are now attached with three bolts. The middle screw holds the arms in place even when the sidewalls are removed. The frame is much better serviced that way. The ends of the arms are also modified. The frame can also be used with motors with the shaft extending under the mounting base.

The sidewalls are for Nano size cameras (others are available in the Dito kit though). The camera is fixed in a 3D printed holder, so in the event of a hard impact and destruction of the shed, the chance of damaging the camera is minimized. The 3D printed mount can also be easily swapped out for another one with a fixed camera angle adjustment.

Key Features

  • Weight: 66g
  • Stack space: 50x25mm
  • Stack mounting hole: 20x20mm M3
  • Mounting holes for motors: Ø16mm M3
  • Configuration: True X
  • Camera size: Nano

Set composition

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