Rotorama Dito - Parts

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Rotorama Dito is based on the popular Samurai V3 frame and is its free continuation. However, Dito is not just a frame, but a set of mutually compatible parts. It carries the idea of simplicity and modularity. In the Dito set, there are several arms and upper and lower plates that can be combined with each other. Everyone can thus assemble a frame according to their own needs. Dito can change from a high-end 5" copter to a small 3" suitable for the garden or park.

Parts from the Dito set can be combined with existing Samurai V3 parts. What are the differences with Samurai? Above all, the number of parts that we plan to keep adding and the variability of the frame. The bottom plates have a third hole in the middle. Thanks to this, 3" separate arms can be made. In the case of boomerang arms, the service of the copter is simplified (everything stays in place even when the shed is removed). The sides have a slightly raised rear part. This way, 3 plates (HD Zero VTX) can fit in the stack.

How to create your own frame? Just add all the necessary parts to the order. These are:

Bottom plate
Plate 30x30/2020 - suitable for using a standard or smaller stack with M3 holes
Plate 25x25 - suitable for AIO Toothpick plates
Plate Samurai V3

3" arm + middle plate - separate arms for small copter (can not be combined with Samurai V3 bottom plate)
5" arm standard
5" arm Pro + SFG
4", 5" Light, 5" Standard, 5" For Samurai V3 arms

Sides/Top plate
Side panels for Nano camera
Side panels for Micro camera
Top plate + 3D printing (Nano/Micro)
Samurai V3 sidewalls

Set of screws
For a frame with sidewalls
For frame with top plate