HGLRC Batman220

€ 37,79

HGLRC Batman220 is a precision-made and durable frame with replaceable arms for 5-inch propellers and 22XX, 23XX motors. The frame is designed for the standard size of the FC and due to the 5mm carbon arms it is advisable to use a 4in1 ESC. Unlike our Rotorama Mefisto and Morfeus premium frames, the Batman from HGLRC is designed for the use of popular micro size cameras, such as the Runcam Swift Micro V3 , and other micro cameras with a the mounting distance of approximately 19.5mm.

Key Features

  • Shape: Long-X
  • Arms: 5mm
  • Weight: 79.5g
  • Mounting holes for FC: 30.5x30.5 M3
  • Max. Propeller diameter: 5 "
  • For Micro Cameras (19.5mm)

Package Includes

  • 1x Batman220 frame kit with accessories