Matek Power Module PM20S-2 2x BEC

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Power Module PM20S-2 is a combination of two powerful BECs. The Power Module can be powered by 4-20S Lipo batteries and will be used especially on Cinelifters for powering large cameras or larger aircraft models.The first BEC has an adjustable voltage range of 5.3/6.1/8.1V. Second BEC then 5.3V/8.1V/12.2V. Each BEC is capable of providing current up to 15A (22A short term). The power module also includes a 1K:25K voltage divider for the 3.3V ADC input on the flight controller. The power module is protected by an 85V DC TVS diode. The BECs are protected against overheating (150°C) and high current.

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Key Features

  • Size: 61x40x15mm
  • Weight: 63g
  • Input voltage: 9-85V
  • BEC1: 5.3V / 6.1V / 8.1V - 15A (22A short term) +-1.5%
  • BEC: 5.3V / 8.1V / 12.2V - 15A (22A short term) +-1.5%
  • Voltage divider: 1K:25K

Package Includes

  • 1x  Power module