BETAFPV 2004 3000Kv

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Lightweight motor weighing only 16.6 grams, including cables. The motor is suitable for 3" cinewhoops, fast 4" and ultralight 5". The motor uses a shaft with a diameter of 1.5 mm and a propeller attachment for 2 screws. The motor is perfect in combination with a Gemfan 5152 propeller, 4S battery with a capacity of 850-1100mAh and a light 5" frame like Rotorama Calypso


Key Features

  • Weight: 16.6g including cables
  • Kv: 3000
  • Stator size: 2004
  • Mounting hole pitch: 12mm M2
  • Cables: 10cm 24AWG
  • Size: 24.6x17x2mm

Package Includes

  • 1x Motor