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The Rotorama Samurai ARF is an unassembled set of an ultimate racing FPV quadcopter that achieves a powert-to-weight ratio of up to about 13:1 at a very low weight. Thanks to this, it can offer the pilot an unprecedented flight experience. Immediate acceleration to maximum speed, minimal inertia in sharp turns, unrivalled punch-outs: we call it "the teleport" :) The complete copter without battery has a weight of 190g (the frame itself weighs 44 g and the recommended motors are 20g each).

The set includes carefully selected components for maximum performance, stability, handling and reliability. It is delivered with FPV camera and video transmitter; you just need to plug in your own RC receiver and a lipo battery.

The core of the set is the Rotorama Samurai frame, designed for the sole purpose of providing ultimate flight characteristics with minimal weight and low aerodynamic drag . The frame offers separable arms of the highest quality carbon which we have carefully chosen. They are made of 5mm carbon while the other parts of the frame are 3mm thick. The weight of the frame is only 44 grams, making it one of the lightest frames for 5" propellers. All screws are titanium already in the standard set.

The basic shape of the copter is long X (or also stretched X): the distance between the front and rear motors is larger than between the left and right motors. As a result, rear motors and propellers get less turbulent airflow, which in turn increases the stability and efficiency of the copter.

The arms are separable and easily replaceable. When an arm breaks during a really tough crash, it is sufficient to undo two bolts and the arm can be freely pulled out and replaced with another one - you can be back in the air in a few minutes. The arms are also very narrow, making the frame highly aerodynamic.

The Rotorama Katana 2204 2700KV motors are an essential addition to the Samurai. Combined with the HQ5x43x3 propellers, this set can deliver a power-to-weight ratio of up to about 13:1 with the total weight of about 295g including the battery. We recommend using the 4S 75C+ 850-1300 mAh batteries. 

A complete range of spare parts is available for the frame:

The frame has a sophisticated design that makes it resistant for its weight. All components are well protected and easily accessible at the same time.

If you do not feel like building the copter yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few days. Simply order kit assembly together with this set. 

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