Rotorama Meffie Nano ARF

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Rotorama Meffie Nano ARF is a set of unassembled small copters for 2.5" propellers. Although the Meffie is designed primarily for indoor flying, you will enjoy a lot of fun even outdoors in the park or in the garden. Meffie Nano is made for 16x16mm stacks and nano sized cameras. The frame itself weighs only 16 grams, making the whole copter very light (our reference set weighs 78 grams) and, in combination with 1204-1106 engines, also fast.

ARF set contains components for copter construction, you will need a receiver suitable for used RC transmitter.
If you do not dare to mount the set yourself, we will be happy to assemble it within a few working days. It is enough to insert the offered assembly set into the order.

Key Features

  • Nízká hmotnost
  • Malé rozměry
  • Ideální do tělocvičny nebo na zahradu

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