Rotorama Bouncer HD DJI ARF

€ 412,52

Rotorama Bouncer HD DJI ARF is a set of 3" Cinewhoop style copter with a DJI FPV system

Compared to other Cinewhoop frames on the market, we decided to go a little different way. The entire frame is made of carbon. Because the frame is only carbon with additional reinforcements, it is very stiff and durable. The frame can be built with or without reinforcements, so you can save some weight. On the upper plate there are two small side panels on which you can attach the HD camera bracket. The mounting is the same as the Rotorama Spectre. So if you have Rotorama Spectre and your own HD camera mounts, you can use them here, and don't need to print more.

ARF set contains individual components for copter construction, you will need a receiver suitable for the used RC transmitter.

If you do not dare to assemble the set yourself, we will be happy to assemble it within a few working days. It is sufficient to add assembly into the order.

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