Drone accessory kit - advanced

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€ 308,27

The complete drone kit contains the equipment you need for successful drone flying. If you're new to FPV flying, drone, batteries and this kit should give you everything you need to fly and enjoy the FPV world. This kit contains better equipment with a good price / performance ratio.

Drone batteries are not included. Batteries should always be selected with respect to the particular drone.
We also recommend small accessories for the set, which also comes in handy:

Set composition

Frsky XM+

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 18,93

Gens Ace Imars III 100W

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 46,11

Radiomaster TX12

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 119,49


In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 108,90

LG INR18650-MJ1 3500mAh 10A

In set : 2 × In Stock
Price: € 7,42