Foxeer Foxwhoop35 4S PNP

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Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 PNP is an assembled powerful Cinewhoop designed for filming with an external HD camera. The Foxwhoop 35 is designed for use with 3.5" propellers. This makes it slightly larger than the classic 3" Cinewhoop, but will offer more power and better flight characteristics. It is therefore particularly suitable for flying outdoors, but a more experienced pilot can also fly indoors without any problems. The Foxwhoop 35 excels at filming cyclists, skiers, runners or go-karts. Thanks to the higher pull, it can carry even the classic "full-fat" GoPro. By using a lighter Naked GoPro, you get longer flight time and better flight characteristics.

The base of the drone is the Foxwhoop 35 frame of the same name. Its biggest advantage is the durable plastic propeller protector. Foxeer Datura 2105.5 3650Kv motors, 3.5" Cyclone T3528 propellers and Foxeer Reaper F745 AIO board with 45A ESC take care of the drive. Foxeer Toothless Nano camera and Foxeer Reaper Nano video transmitter ensure video transmission. The total weight of the copter without battery is around 280 grams .Recommended batteries are 1000-1500mAh 4S.

The copter is delivered without a receiver. Choose it according to your radio.

Key Features

  • Diagonal spacing of motors: 142mm
  • Camera: Foxeer Toothless Nano
  • Video Transmitter: Foxeer Reaper Nano
  • AIO board: Foxeer Reaper F745
  • Motors: Foxeer Datura 2105.5 3650Kv
  • Recommended battery: 1000-1500mAh 4S
  • Propeller: Dalprop T3528

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone