Emax Tinyhawk II Indoor BNF

€ 161,90

Emax Tinyhawk II Indoor BNF is a great small quad, that can fly inside or outside for beginners and advanced pilots. Emax Tinyhawk II is already the second version and contains several improvements. Tinyhawk has a great Runcam Nano 2 camera, which in combination with a video transmitter with a power of up to 200mW will take care of quality video. Another big plus is the adjustable camera angle, which you can change depending on your abilities and the environment in which you fly. Another plus is the control unit. The board uses Betaflight, has an F4 processor, 5A BlHeli_S controllers and an integrated receiver for Frsky D8. At the same time, there are UARTs for connecting an external receiver, which you can use if your radio does not support D8 or you want a longer range. Tinyhawk uses 0802 motors in a push arrangement. The motors are therefore well covered from above by the frame and have better efficiency. The frame itself is made of soft and durable plastic, which springs in the event of an impact and does not break. A nice bonus are the installed LED strips, thanks to which the helicopter is nice to see in flight. The helicopter supports either a 1S 450mAh battery suitable for indoor flying or a 2S 300mAh battery suitable for outdoor. The package also includes a charger for 1-2S batteries.

Manual is here.

Key Features

  • Diagonal distance between motors: 75mm
  • Weight without battery: 31.2g
  • Weight with 1S 450mah: 43.5g
  • Engines: 0802 16000Kv
  • Propeller: Avan Turtlemode 4-blade 40mm
  • FC: F4 (MatekF411Rx Firmware)
  • ESC: 5A BlHeli_S
  • Receiver: Frsky D8 / external
  • FPV Camera: Runcam Nano 2
  • Video transmitter power: 25/100 / 200mW - switchable

Package Includes

  • 1x Tinyhawk II BNF
  • 1x Emax 450mAh 1S HV Battery
  • 1x Emax 300mAh 2S HV Battery
  • 1x Set of spare propellers
  • 1x USB charger
  • 1x Screwdriver and accessories