E010C (Tiny Whoop version) RTF with goggles

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Eachine E010C is the easiest and cheapest way to get started with FPV flying. The set contains the microcopter, an FPV camera with video transmitter, 45C 150mAh battery, a controller, a USB charger and a FPV goggles.

Conceptually, the copter is a Tiny Whoop - an 25-gram FPV copter with propeller protectors. Tiny Whoop is currently the smallest FPV quadcopter. Thanks to the low flight weight, is it possible to fly just anywhere, bringing an unprecedented level of entertainment. Slalom between the chairs in the dining room or flying under the coffee table in the living room is very possible :)

The FPV camera is not attached to the drone, you have to install it by yourself. Still, it simply mounted using the supplied double-sided tape and rubber bands.

Make sure to check our listing of a spare battery Eachine 150mAh 45C

The control range is about 30 meters and the configuration options are fairly limited. For those interested in a fully-fledged Tiny Whopp, we offer another set: Tiny Whoop for FrSky, Flysky, and DSM transmitter.

Set composition

Eachine E010C (Tiny Whoop version) Type: ovladač mód 2 (plyn vlevo)

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Eachine VR 007 Pro

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