Diatone Roma F4 4S PNP

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The Roma F4 is a built powerful 4" drone especially suitable for freestyle. Due to its weight and size, the drone uses powerful 2203.5 3300Kv motors. These combined with the 4" propeller and 4S battery will give the drone a very good thrust to weight ratio. This makes the Roma F4 a very fast and agile copter, which is better able to squeeze between obstacles due to its smaller size. This will give the biggest advantage when flying in the woods or old buildings where low inertia and fast response is needed. However, you can also fly it very well in a normal meadow. The Diatone Rome F4 is suitable for all freestyle pilots who do not want to carry a GoPro on their copter.

The frame has a bottom plate made of 4mm thick carbon and can withstand many a fall. The FPV camera is well protected by a metal cage. You will also be pleased with the plastic cover of the stack, which protects it from grass and other debris. Both the antenna and the XT60 are held firmly to the back of the 3D printed frame. This eliminates the possibility of battery cables getting tangled in the propellers. The base of the copter is a MAMBA AIO F411 board with 35A BlHeli_S ESCs. Video transmission is handled by the Runcam Phoenix 2 camera in combination with the Mamba TX500 video transmitter. The copter is driven by the mentioned Mamba Toka 2203.5 3300Kv motors.

Recommended battery is 4S with capacity 850-1300mAh.

The droen is supplied in PNP version - without receiver. Choose it according to your RC radio.

Key Features

  • Weight: 215g (without battery)
  • Motor: 2203.5 3300Kv
  • Board: MAMBA AIO F411 35A BLS
  • Camera: Runcam Phoenix 2
  • VTX: Mamba TS500

Package Includes

  • 1x Drone