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AlfaRC Eyas100 ARF 1S

€ 182,60

AlfaRC Eyas100 ARF not assembled set of small 2,5" toohpick, which is ideal for flying in park, garden and more places. Weight of the copter without battery is only 52g and with battery around 66g. Eyas 100 with this configuration is suitable for small 1S batteries with capacity 450-550mAh that are able flying time about 3minutes. The advantage of 1S batteries is the low price and easy charging. 3mm thick bottom plate and low weight make the drone very durable.Compared to the classic 1S Whoops, the Eyas100 has enough power to fly as a fullpower FPV copter.

Set is without RC receiver which you can choose based on your transmitter. You must use ultralight receiver with weight around 1-2g(CRSF Nano, XM, HGLRC Hermes). 

If you don't want to assemble the set yourself, we will be happy to assemble it for you within a few working days. Just insert the offered assembly of the set into the order. 

Key Features

  • Weight: 52 grams
  • Flight time: around 3 minutes
  • Input voltage1S batteries

Set composition

AlfaRC Eyas100

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 14,19


In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 66,90

Cylindrical head screws M2 (10pcs) Velikost: 5mm

In set : 2 × In Stock
Price: € 0,90

HGLRC Zeus nano VTX 25-350mW

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 19,96

Caddx Ant Nano Type: 16:9 - Silver

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 21,31

Gemfan 2512-3 (8ks) Color: Blue

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 3,49

PH2.0 connector (1 pair)

In set : 1 × In Stock
Price: € 0,99

Happymodel EX1202.5 11500Kv

In set : 4 × In Stock
Price: € 13,49