HGLRC Zeus F722 mini DJI

On the way - Jun 3, 2021
€ 40,34

Zeus F722 mini is a control unit with F7 processor suitable for both analog and digital copters. The control unit uses a certified MPU6000 chip. Thanks to the F7 processor, the board supports all the latest Betaflight functions. The board also contains a barometer, which comes in handy when using the GPS module. Thanks to the connector for DJI FPV, the installation of the HD system is really easy, but the board still retains the OSD chip and it is not a problem to use it with analog video transmission. The Zeus F722 Mini simply has everything a full-fledged control unit can have.


Key Features

  • Input voltage: 3-6S
  • Mounting holes: 20x20mm M3
  • BEC: 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 2A
  • Blackbox: 8MB
  • MPU: MPU6000
  • Barometer: BMP280
  • Processor: STM32F722
  • Target: HGLRCF722
  • Size: 23.7x26.6mm
  • Weight: 4.6g

Package Includes

  • 1x control unit
  • 1x set of accessories