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20mm miniature control unit with F3 processor. Ideal combination is to be supplemented by a miniature 4in1 controller HGLRC 13A or 28A, the connection then proceeds without soldering by just snapping into one another.

Thanks to the 5V 3A BEC, it can also be used as a PDB.

Key Features

  • PBF3 EVO
  • STM32F303 CCT6 CPU
  • MPU6000 SPI
  • Integrated BEC: 5V 3A
  • max. PDB current: 100A
  • weight: 2.8g
  • 23x23mm outer size, 20mm M2 mounting size
  • quality 4-layer PCB
  • input voltage: 2-6S lipo
  • support SBUS / DSMX / PPM Receiver, integrated RC / LC Filter
  • telemetry support

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