TBS Diamond antenna

On the way - May 20, 2021
€ 26,13

TBS Diamond is a slightly directional antenna for TBS Crossfire. The antenna is designed by the renowned IBCrazy manufacturer and takes into account all the experience TBS has gained on its other antennas, Triumph.

Crossfire with a standard antenna may, in exceptional cases, have a problem with minor outages at a certain combination of machine angle and distance. To solve this problem, the TBS Diamond antenna was designed to deliver the best possible reach and stability to Crossfire.

The antenna is slightly directional in the direction of the pilot increases the range of the Crossfire system, but at the same time it still maintains a good signal and reach in the air.

Key Features

  • connector: SMA Male
  • weight: 20.6g
  • Size: 135 x 120 mm
  • profit: 2.88dB
  • Frequency: 850 - 950MHz
  • suitable for: TBS Crossfire TX, TBS Crossfire Micro TX

Package Includes

1x antenna