TBS Crossfire NANO RX (SE) - without packaging

€ 30,73

TBS's state-of-the-art Long Range / UHF system brings a groundbreaking innovation in the form of the smallest and lightest LR receiver on the market. Due to its dimensions and weight of only 0.5g, it can now be used in even the smallest microcopters. The receiver has a full range (even more than 10km), so it is also an ideal choice for any frame or setup.

The receiver is new in a non-original package.

Key Features

  • "full reach"
  • SmartAudio
  • telemetry: yes
  • weight: 0.5 g (receiver only)
  • dimensions: 11 x 18 mm
  • supply voltage: 5 V

Package Includes

  • 1x receiver
  • 1x Immortal antenna
  • 1x set of accessories