Radiomaster T8Pro

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Radiomaster T8Pro is a small and compact radio with open source firmware OpenTX. The transmitter uses an integrated, multi-protocol transmitter module with a CC2500 chip. The module supports protocols Corona, Hitec, Futaba S-FHSS, Frsky D16 / D8, RadioLink, Graupner HoTT, Flysky and many others (more information here). Power is provided by an integrated 1S battery. Charging is solved via the USB-C connector on the top of the transmitter, which is also used to connect to a PC. Radiomaster T8Pro has a removable display, through which the transmitter can be fully set. The transmitter does not support the extension of external transmitter modules.

The transmitter is delivered in mode 2 as standard, which can be changed to mode 1, which must be specified in the order. Voice output with Czech language support is available. The firmware update module is integrated directly in the transmitter. Firmware updates require specific user knowledge and should not be performed by a complete layman. Please note that changes to the firmware and software by the user will void the statutory warranty.

Key Features

  • Size: 160x130x60mm
  • Weight: 266 g
  • Multiprotocol module (CC2500)
  • Battery: Integrated 1S 1000mAh
  • Firmware: OpenTX
  • Removable display

Package Includes

  • 1x Radio