Frsky X-Lite

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€ 148,00

The FrskyX-Lite is a RC transmitter that looks remarkably reminiscent of gamepads that are meant for long hours of continuous play :). The X-Lite is small, light and comfortable to hold. In the base it has gimbals with Hall sensors, four switches and two sliders, a vibrational and audible response. The OpenTX firmware again guarantees unrivaled setup options

The transmitter allows you to customize the mode using the attached screws, including the opens without opening. The radio mode and brake stiffness are so easy to set up for your preference. Instructions can be found here or in the enclosed manual.

We recommend the following accessories to power the transmitter:

Key Features

  • ergonomic design
  • user-adjustable radio mode
  • 16 channels (in combination with other modules and receivers even more)
  • gimbals with Hall sensors
    • digital sensors
    • change mode and settings without opening the radio
    • CNC milled body
  • high-speed communication with internal and external modules
    • internal 450k, external 420k
    • super low latency (total <20 ms, lowest 12 ms)
    • compatible with the new Lite module type (R9M Lite, MPM Lite, ...)
  • OpenTX
  • vibration response, voice response via integrated speaker or headphones
  • internal antenna and external antenna connector
  • 128x64 display with backlight
  • S.Port, MicroUSB, headphone jack, SD card slot
  • Easily available battery bays of the 18 500 type