Frsky Taranis X9E

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Taranis X9E meets all the requirements of pilots preferring tray-style transmitters. It features a dual display and the OpenTX software with unique capabilities in setting up functions and expansions. The transmitter is equipped with the haptic feedback, 2000 mAh NiMH battery, telemetry, voice alarms, and Bluetooth. The radio newly features dural legs and improved housing.

Transmitter mod (1,2,3,4) are easy to change. If you wish us to deliver the transmitter in a particular mode, please write it in the comment section during the checkout.

Key Features

  • 16 channels (or more in combination with other TX modules and receivers)
  • Memory for 60 models
  • 64 mixes, 9 flight modes
  • 32 adjustable curves with 2-17 points for each of them, 32 logic switches
  • 64 special functions for setting up custom warnings, alarms, etc.
  • 9 global variables
  • 6 three-way, 1 two-way, and 1 momentary switches
  • 2 potentiometers, 2 lateral sliders and 2 linear potentiometers, all with centers
  • Extendable by additional 8 switches and 2 potentiometers
  • Voice or audible alarms, including RSSI and telemetry data
  • Transmitter antenna with self-diagnostics - SWR
  • miniUSB and an SD card for firmware upgrade, expansions or storing telemetry data
  • Long range - up to 3 times the range of conventional 2.4 GHz systems, LR12 mode
  • Gimbals with 6 bearings for the finest response
  • Open-source software OpenTx
  • Ultra low latency (9 ms)
  • Large 212 x 64 LCD + second status display
  • Optional two-color backlit LCD display (blue and white)
  • Vibration response with adjustable intensity
  • Unique receiver identification allowing the locking to a specific model (for FrSky receiver PXX protocol, ie. X series)
  • Bay for JR-type external modules
  • Possibility to change the mode (1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • 2 up or down timers, optionally throttle-based, with voice output
  • Trims - adjustable from coarse to extra fine with the expansion and exponential
  • DSC port for the trainer - 3.5mm
  • ARM Cortex M4 32-bit up to 168 Mhz
  • Cooperates with Companion - a free program for easy setup and update of the transmitter
  • miniUSB for updating FW, editing sounds, accessing the SD card, and connecting with Companion
  • User-adjustable gimbals with calibration
  • Multilingual menu
  • Continuous development of the open-source firmware - is updated with new features and corrections

Package Includes

  • RC set Taranis-E
  • Hard Travel Case
  • 2000 mAh NiMh battery
  • Power supply for charging
  • Back strap
  • 2GB SD card