Frsky Taranis Q X7

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Q Taranis X7 offers a compelling value for the money. It will appeal to discerning beginners who can use a reliable and time-proven FrSky ACCST protocol with 16 channels and telemetry. The OpenTX operating system allows complete freedom in setting your models and in combination with telemetry, it will provide unprecedented opportunities. Taranis Q X7 is compatible with all X-Series receivers and S.Port telemetric sensors.

Key Features

  • 16 channels (in combination with other modules and receivers even more)
  • Memory for 60 models
  • 64 mixes, 9 flight modes
  • 16 adjustable curves with 2-17 points for each of them, 32 logic switches
  • 64 special functions for setting up your own warnings, alarms, etc.
  • 4 three-way, 1 two-position and 1 momentary switch
  • 2 potentiometers with centers
  • Configurable voice or sound alarms including RSSI and telemetry data
  • miniUSB and an SD card for firmware updates, extensions, data storage, or telemetry logging
  • Long range - up to 3 times the range of a conventional 2.4 GHz systems, LR12 mode
  • Gimbals with four bearings for the smooth operation
  • Open-source software OpenTX
  • Ultra low latency (9 ms)
  • LCD display with 128 × 64 points
  • LCD backlight with adjustable intensity
  • Haptic feedback with adjustable intensity
  • Unique receiver identification allowing locking to a specific model (for FrSky receiver PXX protocol, i.e. X series)
  • Bay for external JR-type modules
  • Possibility to change the modes (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • 3 up or down timers , optionally throttle-based, voice output
  • Trim - adjustable from coarse to fine
  • DSC trainer port: 3.5mm jack
  • Processor ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit 120 MHz
  • Cooperates with Companion - a freeware program for easy setup and update of the transmitter
  • miniUSB to update FW, editing, sound, access to SD card and connecting with Companion
  • User-adjustable gimbals with calibration
  • Multi-language menu
  • Continuous development of the open-source firmware - it is updated with new features and corrections

Package Includes

  • rádio Taranis Q X7 ACCESS - bez baterie
  • kartonová krabice
  • popruh na krk s vyvažovákem
  • 8GB SD karta
  • klec na baterie 18650
  • USB kabel