Rotorama Whoover

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Rotorama Whoover is a miniature hovercraft designed for DC motors and a Tiny Whoop control unit .Frame frame is fired CNC laser of almost indestructible material EPP (extruded polypropylene). This material is commonly used to produce aerial aerobatic models primarily because of its low weight and durability.

The air flow from the front engines creates an air cushion beneath the frame that reduces the friction between Whoover and the ground . He is also able to ride on a short-haired carpet. It will be a great introduction to the FPV for the youngest future pilots as well. Do not be mistaken, however, Whoover races on any improvised track are a fun experience for experienced pilots, beginners, children and adults , which we have verified on our public accompanying programs.

Key Features

  • Material: EPP and PET
  • Dimensions: 125x100x57 mm
  • Weight: 9 g
  • Engine diameter: 6 mm

Package Includes

  • EPP frame with printed accessories
  • Accessories for the control unit and camera mount