Rotorama Wasp H4S Edition

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Special edition of the Rotorama Wasp frame designed by our team pilot Petr Horák. The frame has only 5 " arms and is stretch-x. A single 3mm thick bottom plate has been replaced by two 2mm plates. Any lipo strap can be conveniently placed between the bottom and middle plate. Two plates also increase frame stiffness and 3D printed canopy could be used instead of top plate.

Rotorama Wasp carries the idea of a simple, light and durable frame designed primarily for racing tracks. The frame weighs 68 grams including fasteners and 3D printing. Rotorama Wasp is designed for micro cameras.

3D models of Rotorama Wasp frame accessories can be found here.

Key Features

  • durable 5mm carbon arms
  • split arms for easy and quick replacement
  • suitable for micro cameras
  • Suitable for 22XX / 23XX motors
  • maximum propeller size 5 "
  • weight: 68 g
  • models for 3D printing