Rotorama Wasp

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The Rotorama Wasp is our new racing frame for the season 2019, designed by top pilot Jakub Toman in collaboration with Peter Homolka. The Wasp Rotorama carries the idea of a simple, light and durable frame designed primarily for racing. The frame weighs 59 grams including nuts and bolts. The Wasp Rotorama is designed for micro cameras.

The frame has unique geometry. The front has 5" stretch X arms, the back arms are true X and hold up to 6" propellers. As a result, rear engines and propellers gets cleaner air, which increases the stability and efficiency of the drone. The arms are made of 5mm carbon for maximum durability. The pointed ends, which are typical for Rotorama frames, provide a great protection for the motors during crashes. The arms are divided by pairs. In case of a tough crash and possibly broken arm, it is very easy to replace it. You can be back in the air in a few minutes.
You can find 3D accessory accessories for Rotorama Wasp prints here.

Key Features

  • durable arms made of 5mm carbon
  • split arms with easy swap
  • unique geometry for maximum stability
  • suitable for micro cameras
  • suitable for 22XX / 23XX size motors
  • maximum 5" propeller
  • weight: 59 g
  • models for 3D printing

Package Includes

  • 1x frame
  • 1x flex holder for camera
  • 1x flex holder on Foxeer Lollipop antenna
  • 1x flex holder for pigtail