Rotorama Shark

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Rotorama Shark is a versatile 5" frama designed by Martin Laža, designer of Rotorama Mefisto, Samurai, Spectre, Needle and Spirit frames. Rotorama Shark has a sophisticated  design that makes the frame very sturdy and durable and yet light with 74 grams. The basic shape of the copter is long X (or also stretched X) when the distance between the front and rear motors is bigger than between the left and right motors. This gives the rear motors and propellers less airflow, which increases the stability and efficiency of the drone. The arms are made in pair from 5mm thick carbon fiber and are very easily exchangeable. Shark has a carbon fin that helps turn around in the grass. 3D models and other fins are available for 3D print fans on the thingiverse.

The frame is made for motors with 16x16mm mounting screws and micro sized cameras.

The frame has top plate and sides with small tolerances. Rasper might be needed to get the top plate and sides together.

Key Features

  • split arms with quick and easy replacement
  • shape long X
  • suitable for both small and large stacks and micro cameras
  • suitable for 22XX / 23XX motors
  • maximum propeller size 5 "
  • weight: 74 g