Rotorama Samurai Nano 4"

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Samurai Nano 4" is an ultra-light frame for 4" propellers. Conceptually based on the frame Samurai V2. The arms are made of 3mm carbon and connected in pairs. Each pair of arms holds with two M2 screws and locks on the sidewalls, so the arms do not swing and hold firmly in place.

The low weight of the frame combined with a lightweight 16x16mm stack, nano-sized camera and 1404 motors ensure unique flight characteristics. Samurai Nano 4 "is a frame designed primarily for mid-range flying. Due to its low weight and large propellers, this copter has excellent efficiency. Our test setup flies for over 9 minutes with a 650mAh 3S battery, with a total weight of 145 grams including the battery.
There is enough space in the frame for 3 boards (ESC, FC, VTX).

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