Rotorama RedHot 4

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Rotorama RedHot 4 is a frame designed for high-performance racing with 4-inch propellers. Thanks to its weight of 35 grams, it is particularly suitable for indoor flying: a very powerful setup can easily fit under 250 grams even with the Lipo. The frame combines several features that help the copter achieve excellent stability, maneuverability, and endurance.

Motors are arranged so as to allow for excellent behavior on the pitch axis. The shape is a "long X": the pitch axis is longer than the roll axis; that way, the rear motors are less affected by turbulence from the front ones. The result is the unmatched quadcopter behavior in all three axes.

Commonly for the X-frame, the battery is placed below the frame and FPV camera on the top. The upper part (canopy) is made of flexible plastics that is very resistant to mechanical damage, absorbs impact energy, and successfully protects the FPV camera and the video transmitter

The canopy is available in two versions - with a flat or rounded upper part. Flat version allows convenient attachment of an HD camera, such as Foxeer Legend or Runcam HD.

Rotorama team pilots fly with the frame indoor in the category to 250 g.

Recommended setup:

Key Features

  • Material: carbon
  • The thickness of the bottom plate: 3 mm
  • Column height and space for electronics: 20 mm
  • Diagonal motor distance: about 170 mm
  • Maximal propeller diameter: 4 inches
  • Weight: 34 g

Package Includes

  • Frame Rotorama RedHot4 (not assembled)
  • Fasteners
  • Lipo strap