Rotorama Mefo

€ 31,19

Rotorama Mefo is a very durable and light (38g) frame designed for a 4" (and smaller) propeller. The frame features arm-pairs milled milled of 4mm thick carbon. Each pair of arms is held by two M3 bolts and locks on the sides, making the arms stable and firmly holding in place even after countless falls.

The frame is designed for 1407, 1306 and similar motors. 4in1 ESC is recommended in order to maintain the benefits of narrow arms. Mounting dimensions for FC and regulators is 20x20 mm. Micro cameras can be mounted in the camera holder.

Key Features

  • durable construction made of 3mm and 4mm carbon
  • detachable arm-pairs with fast and easy replacement
  • suitable for mini components (20x20mm) and micro cameras
  • suitable for 13XX / 14XX motors
  • maximum propeller size 4"
  • weight: 38 g
  • models for 3D printing

Package Includes

1x frame