iFlight iH3 3" Dual Split

€ 27,99

iH3 3" Dual Split is a cleverly designed three-inch frame for easy installation of the Runcam Split Mini (2) in the shape of a pure freestyle copter. The FC and the 4in1 ESC are mounted in the frame separately, which makes the very low, and a substantial portion of the mass, including the battery, remains around the centerline - this helps reduce inertia and protect the battery located on the top plate. Combining the Runcam Split Mini and the iH3 frame, you get a clean HD 1080p60fps video without a propeller in the shot . Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight (around 130g), the three-inch copter is very versatile, has less inertia and also produces significantly less noise - allowing for safer flying in smaller spaces (parks, halls, gardens, ...).

The frame is suitable for 11XX, 14XX and 20x20 mm stacks.

Recommended accessories:

Key Features

  • Motor spacing: approx. 140 mm
  • Weight: 39 g
  • Thickness of the bottom plate: 3 mm
  • Thickness of other parts: 2 mm
  • FC / ESC: 20x20 mm
  • Motor spacing: 11XX / 13XX / 14XX / 16XX
  • Propeller size: max. 3 inches

Package Includes

  • IH3 3" Dual Split frame
  • Accessories