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FlyfishRC Volador II VD6

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The Flyfish Volador II VD6 is the second iteration of the top freestyle frame.The frame is in VD6 - deadcat configuration with 6" propellers. Due to the deadcat layout, the front arms are moved more to the side and back, so the propellers are not visible in HD footage or FPV video. The 6" freestyle frame category is especially suited for building cinematic drones that fly with an HD camera. The resulting drone with battery and HD camera is quite heavy and the 6" will give the drone the thrust it needs.

The frame is cut from high-end carbon T700, which has better strength than the commonly used carbon (T300). The arms are also cut from 6mm thick carbon. This not only increases crash resistance, but also reduces vibration transmission from the motors to the control unit due to the high strength. The frame is very well made.The edges of the frame are chamfered, so there is no risk of cutting the cable on a sharp edge. Screws are made of durable 12.9 grade steel. The screws are pre-coated with Loctite so that they hold tight and do not loosen with vibration. The camera is protected by a metal bracket, made of durable aluminum alloy 7075, which is commonly used on drones to make better motors. The camera itself is then held in a silicone insert that absorbs vibrations and helps make for better video. There are a number of 3D prints for the frame, including a shoulder protector, GoPro camera mount or GPS mount. On the top plate, the frame has a silicone pad that increases friction between the frame and battery and minimizes the chance of the battery slipping out in a fall. You'll also be pleased with the way the XT60 connector attaches. This is fixed in the top plate. This way the battery cables have no chance of getting caught between the propellers where they could be cut.

The frame has M3 mounting holes for 20x20mm and 30.5x30.5mm stacks. There is room for a second stack at the rear of the frame. The mounting holes are 20x20mm and 25,5x25,5mm M2. The frame can thus accommodate an analogue transmission as well as a Caddx Vista, Walksnail Avatar or DJI O3.

The prints are supplied in black.

Main differences from V1

  • Lower weight
  • Better aluminium sidewalls with silicone insert
  • New stickier battery tray
  • Screws in top plate loosened
  • Plastic motor cable protectors
  • Modified design for greater durability and less vibration

Building Manual

Key Features

  • High strength carbon T700
  • 7075 alloy camera housing
  • Fixed XT60
  • Steel 12.9 bolts with Loctite
  • Shoulder thickness: 6mm
  • Max propeller size: 6.1"
  • Camera size: 19/20mm
  • Diagonal motor pitch: 225mm
  • Weight: 200g (including 3D printing)
  • Mounting holes for stack: 20x20/30.5x30.5mm M3
  • Mounting holes for VTX: 20x20/25,5x25,5mm M2
  • Height for stack: 22mm
  • Camera angle: 15-60°

Package Includes

  • 1x Frame
  • 1x XT60 connector
  • 1x Anti-slip pad
  • 2x Battery strap
  • 1x 3D printed parts kit
  • 1x Fasteners