Rotorama LITE Gate

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Would you like to increase your precision and speed? Take your FPV flying skills to another level with the top quality but affordable Rotorama LITE Gate!

Usual home-made gates are wobbly, poorly visible and it is very hard to reach overall good quality if you do not want to invest much time and money. We designed these gates to be firm, durable, well-visible, portable and affordable. We believe that no home-made racetrack can match the value of the Rotorama LITE Gates.

Rotorama LITE Gate features:

  • optimal size for advanced pilots and beginners
  • clear visibility at any weather condition
  • stability and durability
  • compact packaging, light weight (fits into most backpacks)
  • best value, so you do NOT need to make your home-made "scare-crow gate" :)

The gate assembly is reasonably fast and will take just a few moments. First slide the textile onto the foldable glass-fibre rod, anchor the gate to the ground using two pegs and secure it with four strings andf four pegs.

The gate is clearly visible in FPV goggles, as you can see in following DVR:

Rotorama Lite gate in HD:

Ideal size - neither small or huge

Key Features

  • optimal size - neither big or small
  • great visibility in all kind of weather condition
  • foldable glass-fibre rod
  • anchoring pegs
  • wind-resistant
  • adjustable height and width
  • weight and size (packed): 650 g / 62 cm

Package Includes

  • foldable glass-fibre rod
  • Rotorama gate textile
  • anchoring pegs and strings
  • compact case