Vifly Charging board

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Useful board for charging 1S batteries. Serial charging board for safe charging of multiple batteries simultaneously. Plug the individual 1S batteries into the board and then plug the board into the charger like a classic Lipo battery. Use the knob to set how many batteries you have plugged into the board (how many cells the resulting battery has). Then charge the batteries on the balance program according to the cells (number of batteries plugged in). In this way you can also charge the batteries to Storage voltage, which conventional chargers for 1S batteries cannot do.

Serial charging has the advantage that it does not depend on the voltage of the batteries. The charger will balance all batteries at the end of the charge. With series charging, the voltage of the batteries is added and the capacity remains the same. The charging current is therefore selected according to the capacity of the connected batteries. 

Key Features

  • Number of batteries: 1-6
  • Input connectors: BT2.0/PH2.0
  • Output connectors: XT60/JST-XH 7-pin

Package Includes

  • 1x Serial Charging Board