Miniware TS101 65W (B2) soldering pen

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TS101 is the next generation of the most popular soldering pen TS100. TS101 is precisely made and its size does not exceed the dimensions of a writing pen by much. Like the TS100, the TS101 can be powered via a coaxial connector with 9-24V from a battery or DC power supply. In addition, the TS101 also supports power via the USB-C connector at 9-20V and can thus be powered from a smart power bank or laptop charger.

The TS101 will be appreciated for both field repairs and home soldering. Thanks to its high performance and intelligent firmware, the soldering iron heats up very quickly and maintains a constant preset temperature. With the TS100 soldering pen you can conveniently solder even thicker cables. The maximum temperature of the soldering pen is 400°C. The soldering pen's smart features allow, automatically reduce the temperature in case of prolonged non-use, monitor input voltage, boost mode and many other useful functions.

Compared to the TS100, the TS101 has a larger OLED display with a resolution of 128x32 pixels, on which all necessary information is displayed. The type of screw for the tip attachment has been changed for easier replacement. The shape of the soldering iron at the grip point has also been improved, so that an additional part can be fitted.The soldering iron does not slip and, thanks to the bottom flattened part, the tip can be folded away so that the tip is in the air and the soldering iron does not roll. Backwards compatibility is also a nice feature. The TS101 can be used with the same tips as the TS100.

Supplied with a "B2" tip. Cable with XT60 not included.

English manual here.

Key Features

  • Input Interface:DC connector 5.5 x 2.5mm / PD3.0 (USB connector)
  • Input voltage: DC 9-24V 9-65W / PD3.0 9-20V 9-45W
  • Temperature range: 50-400°
  • Weight: 33g

Package Includes

  • 1x TS101
  • 1x Spike B2
  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Grip cover