TrueRC Core Side Feed u.FL 85mm

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 TrueRC Canada is a manufacturer of top-of-the-line antennas for hobby and professional use. TrueRC antennas are designed and manufactured in Canada and are among the best on the market

The Core - Side feed antenna is unique in its design. The coaxial cable is side feed from the antenna. This is especially appreciated by fans of FPV airplanes who can conveniently place the antenna on the wing;

Key Features

  • Gain: 1.9dBi
  • Polarization: RHCP/LHCP
  • Cross-Polar Rejection: -10 to -20 dB (3.2%)
  • Bandwidth: 5.5GHz - 6.1GHz
  • SWR: <=1.2:1
  • Emitter dimensions: 16.9x13.1mm
  • Length: 85mm
  • Connector: u.FL

Package Includes

  • 1x Antenna