Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack V2 - Stealth edition

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Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack is a top backpack for racing drones. You can comfortably pack up to 2 drones and all the equipment you need in your backpack, whether it is a radio, goggles, batteries, tools and more. The backpack was developed in collaboration with pilots from the Netherlands, so its layout is very practical and also contains handy details such as a magnetic pocket for screws, a raincoat or a pad under the knees. This makes it very easy to turn your backpack into a field workshop.


Key Features

  • Weight: 2kg
  • External size: 31x23x47cm
  • Internal size: 24x19x45cm
  • Capacity: 26 liters

Package Includes

  • 1x Backpack