TBS Tracer Nano TX Starter Set

€ 119,00
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TBS Tracer is a top RC link using the 2.4GHz band. Its biggest advantages include a high refresh rate of 250Hz, a minimum latency of 3ms, a long range of up to 25km and small receivers with diversity. Tracer is based on TBS Crossfire and is just as easy to use. Compared to Crossfire, it offers a higher refresh rate, lower latency and smaller antennas. Tracer also supports features such as wireless firmware update, auto-bind, multi-bind, LUA scripts and more. Telemetry is a matter of course.

The Nano size is suitable for radios with a Lite shaft such as TBS Tango 2, Frsky X-Lite, Frsky Taranis X9 Lite and others.

Key Features

  • Frequency band: 2.4GHz ISM
  • Output power: 25 / 100mW
  • Number of channels: 8 or 12
  • Protocol: CRSF, SBUS, PPM
  • Latency: 3ms
  • Refresh rate: 250Hz
  • Power supply: 3.5-13V
  • Connector: USB-C

Package Includes

  • 1x TBS Tracer Nano Tx
  • 3x TBS Tracer Nano Rx
  • 6x TBS Tracer Immortal T anténa