Skystars F7 Pro3 + KO60A BL32

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Skystars F7 + KO60 is a powerful stack for freestyle and racing drones. The flight controller with a modern F7 processor has 8MB of memory for a blackbox and 5V / 3A and 10V / 3A BEC. The FC also has a connector for connecting DJI FPV and OSD, so it can be conveniently used on drones with digital or analog video transmission. The pads for connecting LEDs in the corners of the unit are also nice. The FC has integrated barometer for altitude measurement. It is supplemented by a 60A controller with BlHeli_32 firmware.

Wiring diagram

Key Features

  • Power supply: 3-6S
  • Processor: STM32F722RGT6
  • IMU: BMI270
  • Blackbox: 8MB
  • BEC: 5V @ 3A, 10V @ 3A
  • Connector for DJI FPV
  • Mounting holes: 30.5x30.5mm M3 (with softmount)
  • Current sensor
  • Integrated barometer
  • ESC FW: BlHeli_32

Package Includes

  • 1x Control unit
  • 1x ESC
  • 1x Accessory set