SkyRC T100 2x50W

€ 66,39

SkyRC T100 is a two-channel charger for 2-4S batteries at an affordable price. The charger can only be powered from the mains, so it is especially suitable for home use. The SkyRC T100 has all the features an advanced charger should have, including measuring the internal resistance of batteries. Its advantage is a small compact cabinet in a "standing" arrangement, which takes up a minimum of space on the desk - like your palm. The charger is equipped directly with XT60 connectors, so no cables and reducers are needed.

Key Features

  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Charging power: 2x 50W
  • Supported batteries: NiCd, NiMH, Li-Pol, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, LiHV, Pb
  • Integrated source
  • Size: 100x90x127mm
  • Weight: 500g

Package Includes

  • 1x charger
  • 1x AC cord